How Taylor Studwelding Machinery Has Developed Over the Years

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During their 35 years of business, the Taylor Studwelding team has enhanced their machinery's style and technology by consistently investing in developing their engineer's skills and filling gaps in the market.

When David Taylor and his wife Joan Taylor established the company in 1985, they sold Capacitor Discharge (CD) and Drawn Arc (DA) studs and accessories to the UK market and were designing their first ever range of branded machinery. After growing its team of engineers in the early 1990s, the company began producing CD and DA equipment on a larger scale while also running a hire pool of over 100 machines.

Taylor Studwelding is always looking for new ways to innovate and develop their machinery, and soon updated the range of DA machines with short cycle welding functions, which combined DA and CD equipment's core benefits.

Later in the decade, Taylor Studwelding expanded the selection of equipment again to offer bespoke CNC and automated equipment that can weld up to 60 studs per minute. In the early 2000s, another engineer, Rob Norwell, was taken on to install CNC and automated machines both inhouse and onsite worldwide. 

The company then started to invest in larger-scale DA machines that would attract different industries, including construction. The following upgrade introduced more hand tools that suited a wide range of stud welding applications.

In recent years, the sales and marketing team have collected constructive feedback from customers to determine the best ways to advance their equipment. The engineers have examined the desired specifications and considered different approaches to deliver the requirements, with outside specialists' advice. After finding the best solutions, the engineers designed, built, and tested the machines before putting them on the market. 

Taylor Studwelding are passionate about supporting the development of the team, with engineers continuously progressing their skills through various courses, observing online tutorials, and learning from outside experts on niche subjects. This research and training have allowed the company to enhance the products' user experience by designing machinery that's lighter, multi-lingual, and high frequency. The advanced automated equipment can also fit onto robots to improve the automated stud welding process of complex 3D objects and benefit robotic integrators.

However, the most significant update in Taylor Studwelding machinery is the latest machines' ability to gather and use data. The sophisticated system enables the user to obtain more data to confirm weld integrity and export the data in various ways to external central systems such as weld monitoring and fault location. 

Taylor Studwelding has developed machinery that meets its customers' demands, widens the field of application, and opens their product range up to many different industries. The company continue to prioritise innovation and are always looking to build on the specifications of their machinery, with them set to release a new range of DA machines later this year.

About Taylor Studwelding

Taylor Studwelding is the UK’s leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of stud welding machines and weld studs, including stud welding accessories, hand-held equipment, and fully automated systems.

The business also supplies welding equipment to international countries, including Russia, China, the USA, and South Africa. For more information on the stud welding services, get in touch with Taylor Studwelding via phone or email.